Saturday, December 10, 2011

[Review] Benefit Hervana Blush

On Monday, December 5th, there was a flash sale for the new Benefit box blush. I bought mine off Sephora so I can use the $15 gift card but the flash sale was also held on Benefit's website, Ulta, and Bloomingdales.
Swirl on this orchid-blossom blush for a heavenly flush of enlightenment! These four shades—lucky shell, divine peach, heavenly rose and berry delight—blend together perfectly to lift your look to cloud 9. (Taken from Benefit)

Hervana is housed in the standard blush box in a pinwheel design. Benefit went ahead and named all the different shades -- (from lightest to darkest) Lucky Shell, Divine Peach, Heavenly Rose, and Berry Delight. 

I've never own a Benefit blush before so I'm not sure how the older brush compare but I really like this one. The slant makes it easy to apply the blush on my cheeks. 

I really liked the blush. It gives you this nice natural pink-peachy flush to your cheeks. I've swatched Benefit blushes in store and I can tell you that this blush is not as pigmented as the others but it is buildable. The blush has a nice satin-sheen finish. There's some shimmer but it's not overpowering -- it's very subtle. 

There's also a scent to the blush. I'm not really good at describing and recognizing scents but I do know that there's a nice floral smell to it. Of course, it's not an overpowering smell. I don't think I would have noticed it if it wasn't for some of the different Hervana reviews that I've read before purchasing it. 

I've been purchasing a bunch of blushes lately and this is one that I really like. It's a very nice blush to use as part of an everyday look. I would recommend it for anyone that's looking for a nice natural pink blush. 

Rumor has it that the blush will hit stores in January but according to Benefit's website it'll be available for sale on December 14th. I'm not sure if this means that stores will start selling it on that date too. 


Sunday, December 4, 2011

[Review] NARS Blushes in Orgasm & Turkish Red

Orgasm and Turkish Red are my only two blushes from NARS. They are a powder and cream blush, respectively.

I bought the Orgasm blush when I made that insanely huge haul last February. I never really tried it until a couple of months ago. The Turkish Red blush was from a swap I made on MUA. To be honest, I wasn't sure about the color at first but seeing that the girl was really interested in an eyeshadow palette I had I made the swap. I mean it wasn't like I was still using the eyeshadow palette (or even used it LOL!). It would have been better off with her anyway. But these two blushes retails for $27 each but the Turkish Red has been discontinued. You can still find Orgasm on major cosmetic websites like Sephora,, and of course the NARS website.

Orgasm is a beautiful color. It's described as a peachy-shimmery blush but I almost feel like it's more pink than it is peachy. Inside the pan it looks like the color would be very pigmented when used but it's actually very sheer....which can be a problem. I like that the sheerness of the product gives you a nice glow but at the same time if you're going to pay $27 for a blush wouldn't you like it to be a little more opaque? 

I guess one thing that I dislike about Orgasm is how incredibly shimmery it is. I mean there's nothing wrong with a little shimmer but it can be very overwhelming to the point where you can't even see the pinkness of the blush -- it's like a patch of gold shimmers on your cheeks. 

However, I can understand why many people love Orgasm. That pink with gold shimmer color is very unique and the blush does do a good job at giving you a nice subtle glow. 

I know you can't really see the gold shimmers but trust me
when I tell you that they are everywhere!

When I first saw this blush I was so afraid of the color. Most of my blushes are pink or a coral-like color. I've never own a red blush before. Turkish Red is like a berry red. I remember when I got this in the mail. I was so shock at the color. I kept thinking to myself, "how am I suppose to wear this color on my cheeks?!" 

I decided to try it out one day before I went out and I absolutely love it! It's by far one of my favorite blushes. The color in the pan is very scary but once you put it on and blend it out it's actually a really pretty color. I wish I can tell you how much I adore this blush. It really made me look at red blushes in a whole new way. It's also tempted me to go and get Exhibit A too. 

Overall, I think NARS blushes are great. I can see why many people are so obsess with them. The colors are great and they're long-lasting. I was gone the whole day and my blush still looked freshly applied when I got back home. If my house was on fire and I could only save one of these blushes I would go with Turkish Red. I like Orgasm but I'm not in love with it. There's also a lot of Orgasm dupes for a much cheaper price that you can buy if you're not too keen on the price. But if you shall ever find yourself in the presence of Turkish must get it! =)

What are some of your favorite NARS blushes? And what did you get with your Sephora gift cards that Sephora mailed/emailed a couple of days ago?!

Also, I'm going to the Caribbean especially Grenada in March! I'm going with my best friend to visit her sister who's attending medical school there. This will be my first time out of the country (excluding Canada). I'm so excited! If any one of you have been there please let me know what I should do there, what I should bring with me, etc. I'm a complete "noob" when it comes to traveling abroad. 

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Jewelmint New Wave Ring

I think the latest craze with YT gurus is Jewelmint or something because I see so much of it around. I decided to take a look at the website to see what the fuss was all about. It's basically like a jewelry subscription website similar to Sole Society (shoes) or Shoe Dazzle (shoes and purses).

I really haven't see much from the website that I liked. I'm not big on jewelry. If I was to wear a piece it'll most likely be a ring. I wear necklaces sometimes but they can be a distraction because I tend to play with it a lot. LOL! Ahh....I guess I wear bracelets too but not those fancy ones. The bracelets that I find myself wearing more often are kind of earthy-ish like non-metal stuff? But anyway....the point is I don't find myself splurging on jewelries like many others.

After a couple of weeks I decided to buy this ring called New Wave from Jewelmint. I used their 50% coupon code (PRO50) and got it for $15 instead of the usual $30. I think the ring is pretty neat. I'm not completely in love with it as I was when I saw it on the website but I don't hate it either. I think the ring size runs a little big though, but it's adjustable so that wasn't that big of a problem.

The ring arrived in this black bubble bag with the name "Jewelmint" printed on top.

Inside is a box that's tied with a ribbon.

The ribbon is sewn to an elastic band so you can just slip it off.

Inside is a description of the ring.

The ring was underneath this padded black thing?

It came inside a little black velvet bag, which I thought was cute.

The ring.
How it looks like worn.

The packaging is adorable! I absolutely love the packaging. Again, I wasn't so impress with the ring as well as some of the other items on the website so I won't be continuing my subscription. I just don't see myself buying more things from Jewelmint, but at the same thing I guess I can understand why some people love the website. The items featured are exclusive to the website so you won't find them anywhere else. The items in your showroom are picked especially for you based on how you answered the style quiz when you signed up.

Oh, one thing to remember about Jewelmint is that once you order something your credit card is automatically charged for the following month. To not have it charged you have to go to the website between the 1-5th day of the month and click "pass" or whatever. If you just want to try it out like I did you can order a piece and just call in to cancel your subscription but be warned that the wait time for a customer representative is freaking long as heckkkkk!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

July Mini Haul

I haven't been shopping much these last couple of weeks which is such a total surprise to me! Well, I guess I haven't done any excess shopping. I get some things here and there but that's pretty much it.

I think since I started my summer courses I haven't had the urge to really go shopping. I'm always so tired by the end of the day that I just want to stay home and do nothing. I'm taking this Asian films and animations class that I'm thoroughly enjoying. There's only eight people in my class and I just so happen to be the ONLY girl. I'm learning a lot from that class especially about Asian directors. Before I felt like I only watched films for the storyline and the actors but familiarizing myself with these certain directors have really open my eyes to a lot of things.

Anyway, I went to Ulta and purchased some of the Ulta brand nail polish. I'm liking them so far but there's two of them that I might return. I also bought the sample size of the Macadamia Deep Mask and Leave-In-Conditioner (not pictured). I love the deep mask but not so much the leave-in conditioner.
L to R: Sweet Nothing, Peach Parfait, Sun-Sational, Princess
After reading Muse's review on the Biore UV Aqua Rich Water Mousse I decided purchase that. I've been in need of a new sun screen so I figured might as well try something new. I'm loving this so far. I'm kind of disappointed there isn't a bigger size. It's only 33ml and kind of pricey too. I got it off eBay for $16.

The BF went to Taiwan in May and bought me back some stuff. I asked him to pick me up the My Beauty Diary face cleanser and some pens. I was looking forward to the aloe face cleanser but he couldn't find that anywhere so he bought me an extra strawberry yogurt one. I've only used it twice so I can't say much on it but it smells SOOOOOOOO much like strawberry yogurt it's crazy!

The pens that he bought for me. I have this crazy obsession with pens especially gel pens so I was the most excited about these.

Lastly, I've been playing around with Google+ and I'm pretty indifferent about it. I don't love it nor do I hate it -- I think it's something interesting.
If anyone wants want an invite, email me or leave a comment with your email and I'll invite you. =)

That's all for me. I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!

[Review] Etude House Aloha Ice Sherbet Primer

Etude House came out with this Ice Sherbet Primer as part of their Aloha line this summer. It comes in this blue aerosol can. They also came out with a facial mist which comes in the exact same can so if you're looking for the primer make sure you read the label.

The top of each can comes with this Hawaiian girl sticker. 

The back of that sticker is the ingredient list in both Korean and English.

The nozzle.

Hmmm....where to start with this? This primer was probably my least favorite from the things I have from the Etude House Aloha line. There's just not much good I can say about this product which is really unfortunate.

The overall smell of this primer is just enough to toss it in the trash. I know some people find the smell refreshing but to me it smells like cleaning products, more specifically Lysol. I honestly feel like I'm wiping some Lysol disinfectant wipes on my face. I mean I guess it'll be okay if the smell goes away once you apply it on your face but it lingers for awhile. 

The product claims to cover your pores but I didn't see that much difference between when I had this on and when I didn't. 

One thing I did like about this primer was that it's very light. Using an aerosol can really made the texture nice and fluffy. It wasn't sticky afterward which I like. It felt like I was just applying water to my face. So it definitely lived up to the "ice sherbet" name but other than that there wasn't much to like. 

The primer retails at roughly $11-12 but as always it's usually more expensive if you're trying to get this overseas. I see it being sold on eBay for $17-19.

Monday, June 27, 2011

[Review] Etude House Aloha Two Two Kiss Lip Gloss & Tint #03

In my last Korean cosmetics haul I bought this lip gloss and tint pencil from Etude House off their Aloha line. I think I mainly bought this because I saw it used on one of the Etude House video and thought it was nice.

I am pleased to say that out of all the Etude House Aloha items that I bought this was definitely my favorite! I absolutely love it.

The gloss and tint are at the ends of the pencil. The tint is the red and the gloss is the yellow.
In the middle it shows the name of the product and it also shows which one is the tint and which is the gloss.

The cap that covers the product is so cute too!

Here's a swatch of both...
Gloss (Left), Tint (Right)
The color is very flattering. It gives your lips a nice red color without overwhelming it. It's very moisturizing which I like a lot since my lips are always chap. There's a nice jelly-like shine to it that reminds me a lot of my L'Oreal Jelly Lip Balms. It last about 2-3 hours but even after that you can still see some tint to your lips. There's a nice strawberry-like smell to it that I really like.

I think something to dislike is probably trying to sharpen the pencil. The outside is plastic-like so it might be hard to sharpen. Although, I'm not sure if the plastic is just an outer lining.

Overall, I love love love this lip gloss & tint pencil from Etude House! I think I'm going to pick up the other two that I'm missing just so I have the complete set.

And if anyone is interested my Korean Cosmetics Pre-Order is still going on. This lip gloss & tint pencil cost $10 + shipping from me to you.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

[Review] Etude House Collagen Moistfull BB Cream & Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream

Last month I bought two bb creams, Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream and Etude House Collagen Moistfull BB Cream. These two are my first bb creams that I’ve purchased. I have used bb creams before but never own any.

Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream #23
SPF 42 / PA +++

Etude House Collagen Moistfull BB Cream #2
Whitening and Anti-Wrinkle
SPF 30 / PA ++

The Missha bb cream comes in a tube with a pump and the Etude House bb cream comes in this plastic container-ish (the type of packaging is at the tip of my tongue so in the meantime I’m going to stick with this vague description) with a pump as well. I prefer the container of the Etude House bb cream because it is sturdy and of better quality. However, I prefer the pump on the Missha bb cream because the pump on the Etude House bb cream is very flimsy. It’s like they got everything right about the packaging except for the pump.

Top view of the pump

I’m not familiar with MAC shades so I cannot specify what shade I am but from Temptalia’s guide I’m light to medium so I guess NC20-NC30?

Both the Etude House bb cream and the Missha bb cream are creamy in texture. The Etude House bb cream is slightly lighter than the Missha bb cream even though both are supposed to be natural beige.

Swatch of BB Cream in another lighting.
At the beginning I thought that the Missha fit my skin color more but as I use both bb creams more and more I realize that when I first apply the bb creams the Missha one blends in well with my skin color but after it oxidizes it is a little darker with this gray-ish tone to it. The Etude House is lighter when applied but when it oxidizes it’s closer to my skin color.

In terms of coverage both bb creams have a medium to full coverage. I think the Etude House bb cream have slightly more coverage though. However, they’re buildable if you want more coverage. They both have a matte finish.

Both of the bb creams have a smell to it. I can’t really describe the smell of it but it’s not bad. I think the smell for the Missha bb cream is just a little more overpowering than the Etude House bb cream.

With oil control, my face started to shine within 3-4 hours with both bb creams which isn’t a big deal to others but I hate having to blot the oil off my face every couple of hours. I mean it’s not that I’m lazy or anything but I just don’t normally like doing retouches ---- Okay, maybe I am lazy (LOL!)

Overall, I think both bb creams are good. I’m not in love with them but I don’t dislike them either. I wouldn’t pick one over the other because I think beside the color both bb creams were pretty similar.

If there's any bb creams that you think I should try out, please leave me a comment! =)

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Korean Cosmetics Haul

I made a trial order last week for some Korean cosmetics (from the Korean Pre-Order). It was really just to try out the service and see the product that they carry. I basically ordered some of the stuff from the Etude House Aloha and Tangerine line and some Innisfree nail polishes. 

I placed the order around Wednesday last week. I paid about roughly $2 per item for shipping (I had 21 items). The items were shipped out on Friday and I received them on Monday. It took a total of three days for me to get the items which is crazy since it was coming from South Korea.

Bronze Skin Maker
I wasn't planning on getting this but I decided to get it after seeing it used on one of the Etude House videos. 

I'm Jumbo Eye Liner
I played with it yesterday and so far I'm liking it. It does take awhile to dry though.

Cocktail Syrup Nail Kit

Ice Sherbet Face Primer

Two Two Kiss Lip Gloss & Tint

Cream Choux Blusher

Innisfree Eco Nail Polishes

I wasn't planning on going to Trade Secrets but since my friend and I were at the mall we stopped by. I purchased Essie Shine-E and a Deborah Lippmann nail polish in Call Me Irresponsible for $1.50 each.