Friday, April 15, 2011

Ariel's Secret Garden - IMAGE HEAVY!

The other day I was skyping with my sister and she showed me all the handmade soaps she bought from Ariel's Secret Garden as well as others sellers from etsy. My sister is the biggest soap junkie I know! She buys tons and tons of soap every year which she probably doesn't even finish within that year or so?

During our chat I literally ended up buying some on impulse! I hadn't planned on getting any but because my sister was raving about them like crazy so I figured I'll try some. Plus, the soaps are so adorable and most of them are made out of goat/cow milk directly from their farm!

I had to take my little sister to see the ENT doctor today so coming home to the package was a pleasant surprise (I wasn't expecting it until tomorrow or even Monday).

The soap came in a medium flat rate priority box with cute stamps all over the box.

Once you opened the box there were a card, a tag, lollipop, and some dried flowers. I think the dried flowers were potpourri?

Each item was wrapped in cello wrappings or inside a plastic bag. Then, they were wrapped endlessly with tissue papers.

The cupcake soaps had these little cute chick bows.

And the bigger soaps had these fishnet-like bows. As you can tell by these two bows everything is handmade. The mother-daughter duo at Ariel's Secret Garden put so much time into their products.

The labels that have the name of the soap on the back is very vintage looky, which I think fits in well in the "secret garden" theme.

Starting with the cupcake soaps that I purchased, I bought the two that had a rubber ducky on it because I thought my little sister would enjoy them. The fragrance is God's Love and it smells great! I can't get enough to this smell. I'm really bad at describing smells so I'm not even going to try -- All the smell description will come directly from the website.
God's Love: The ozony aroma of soft baby powder with just the right amount of ripened sweet mulberries.
The egg soap that I bought also had the God's Love fragrance as well.

Close up:
Some of the little pearls fell off but that's okay. The picture doesn't show the beautiful glitters around the cupcake though. =(

The last cupcake soap that I got was called Melon Mist. Well, the fragrance was called Melon Mist and it smells exactly what it sounds like. It have a very melon-y scent that I love!

The smaller cupcake that accompanied it...

Close up:

The first of the bar soaps is Shooting Star. It's a pink-yellow colored soap with an embedded star on the top.
Fresh lemon peel creates a sparkling accent for the sunny fruit accord that opens this fragrance. A rich fruity floral signature balances night blooming jasmine with fresh cassis, while hints of ozone create a shimmering effect. Complex musk tones intertwine with rare woods and a hint of vanilla at the base of the scent.
From the description I was sure that I'll like the smell of this soap but I ended up not liking it as much. It is very woody in smell which I didn't like. In general, I like woody-like smells but this was a little more than I'd like. I tend to lean more toward citrus and light floral smells.


I love the smell of Frosted Lime Cupcake! Plus, the design of this soap is so pretty!! I just wished it had more of a lemony smell. LOL!
This fragrance begins with top notes of Persian lime and lemon zests; followed by middle notes of meringue; and well rounded with base notes of Royal vanilla icing and creamed cake. 


Another soap that I was looking forward to was Grapefruit and Oatmeal but was kind of disappointed scent-wise. I'm such a citrus person so I was kind of hoping that it was more citrus smelling. However, that doesn't mean that the smell was horrible. It's actually very nice, I'd just wished it was more citrus-y. Also, this is a facial soap but it could be used as an all-body soap bar too.
The scent is sweet fruity grape fruit and oatmeal, although this bar has Patchouli and peppermint essential oil in them, they do not come across in the scent but are there in the bar for skin benefits only.

The last soap bar that I bought was Watermelon Taffy which was my absolute favorite. I knew when I read the title of the soap that I was going to love it! It smells exactly like watermelon especially like this one watermelon ice cream that I used to buy all the time at the mall before the store closed down.
Watermelon Taffy: watermelon taffy fragrance begins with top notes of watermelon, lime, lemon, and bergamot; followed by middle notes of marigold, sweet, juicy melon; with base notes of white musk and vanilla.


I received a couple freebies from Ariel's Secret Garden as part of my order. They're so generous with the freebies. I received two full size soap bars and two deluxe mini size ones! I'm not going to go into detail about the freebies but I do want to say that I love the smell of Teacher's Pet.

Oakmoss - Targeted toward men (it reminds me of Karma from Lush but without the crazy citrus smell)

I think this piece is called Fruit Slice but I'm not exactly sure. My sister told me that it's part of the cake soaps.


Top part of Alien

Teacher's Pet

Top part of Teacher's Pet

I have yet to try these but I'm excited to. My sister loves them so I'm almost positive that I'm going to like them as well. I'm not sure if I mentioned it and I'm too lazy to scroll up to see but I love purchasing handmade stuff. I feel like they're made with so much love and sincerity. Plus, you actually converse with the maker instead of just hired workers. So yeah, I'm an avid fan of anything handmade.

Here's all the cupcake + egg soaps together:

All the soap bars together:


  1. Oh my, these are beautiful! They would make great gifts. Thanks for sharing!

  2. ... I'm definitely going to have to check this thing out.