Monday, June 6, 2011

[Review] Baby Foot

Ever since I saw Baby Foot on LotusPalace I've been wanting to try it out. I bought Baby Foot off a seller on eBay for around $19.

There's a flap on the front of the box that opens up to show the basic instruction along with some pictures.

The back of the box had more specific instruction and ingredients listed.
The key ingredients are Lactic Acid, Citric Acid, and Salicylic Acid. When I told my sister about this she was all like, "So that is made out of aspirin, lemon, and milk?" LOL!

When you open the box the "sock" are sealed inside a bag and even more detailed instructions are enclosed.

Inside the sealed bag is one pair of "sock"

Pretty much what you do is cut along the dotted line at the top of the sock and slip your foot inside. Once your foot is inside massage the gel substances around your foot. You have to wear this "socks" for two hours so your skin will absorb the gel.

Wearing this sock for two hours was gross. It was slippery and you had to walk slowly otherwise you'll slip and fall since the sock is just a plastic bag. I remembered reading somewhere that it's okay to wear a pair of actual cotton sock over the plastic sock so I ended up doing that.

I assure you my cotton sock is not small for me it's just appear that way
because it's over the plastic sock.
After wearing the plastic sock for two hours you would take it off and rinse your feet with warm water. In about a week your dead skin will start peeling off.

It took about 3-4 days for me to see that dead skin peeling off. It was very gross and it amazed me how many dead skin I had on my feet. The peeling of the dead skin was not as gross as the pictures you see online or those that are provided by the company. I think it's more subtle then those dramatic pictures.

All the major dead skin at the bottom of my feet were completely off within a week but it took a couple more days for the dead skin around the side to completely come off.

After the peeling process my feet are a lot smoother but sadly that's the only thing Baby Foot did. The product claim to get rid of callus but it didn't get rid of any of mine. I have two calluses, one on each foot (both at the top where most callus occur--I got them after getting many blisters in the same area). I was expecting Baby Foot to help out with that but it didn't. Only the skin around that area peeled off otherwise it did nothing to remove the callus or even make it less visible (then again mine are not that visible to begin with but still).

Overall, it was nice that the dead skin on my feet were removed but at the same time I could have probably done that with a pumice stone or maybe a foot filer.

I guess it's pretty clear now that I'll probably not recommend this product but if you want to try it for the sake of trying then by all means feel free to do so. I just don't think it is worth $19 on something that can be done using a $3 pumice stone.

I know I also have Milk Foot which claims to do the same thing as Baby Foot. I was going to let my mom try it out but she doesn't like the idea of wearing it for two hours so my sister will be testing it out. Once she's done with that I'll update you guys with the results. =)

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