Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Jewelmint New Wave Ring

I think the latest craze with YT gurus is Jewelmint or something because I see so much of it around. I decided to take a look at the website to see what the fuss was all about. It's basically like a jewelry subscription website similar to Sole Society (shoes) or Shoe Dazzle (shoes and purses).

I really haven't see much from the website that I liked. I'm not big on jewelry. If I was to wear a piece it'll most likely be a ring. I wear necklaces sometimes but they can be a distraction because I tend to play with it a lot. LOL! Ahh....I guess I wear bracelets too but not those fancy ones. The bracelets that I find myself wearing more often are kind of earthy-ish like non-metal stuff? But anyway....the point is I don't find myself splurging on jewelries like many others.

After a couple of weeks I decided to buy this ring called New Wave from Jewelmint. I used their 50% coupon code (PRO50) and got it for $15 instead of the usual $30. I think the ring is pretty neat. I'm not completely in love with it as I was when I saw it on the website but I don't hate it either. I think the ring size runs a little big though, but it's adjustable so that wasn't that big of a problem.

The ring arrived in this black bubble bag with the name "Jewelmint" printed on top.

Inside is a box that's tied with a ribbon.

The ribbon is sewn to an elastic band so you can just slip it off.

Inside is a description of the ring.

The ring was underneath this padded black thing?

It came inside a little black velvet bag, which I thought was cute.

The ring.
How it looks like worn.

The packaging is adorable! I absolutely love the packaging. Again, I wasn't so impress with the ring as well as some of the other items on the website so I won't be continuing my subscription. I just don't see myself buying more things from Jewelmint, but at the same thing I guess I can understand why some people love the website. The items featured are exclusive to the website so you won't find them anywhere else. The items in your showroom are picked especially for you based on how you answered the style quiz when you signed up.

Oh, one thing to remember about Jewelmint is that once you order something your credit card is automatically charged for the following month. To not have it charged you have to go to the website between the 1-5th day of the month and click "pass" or whatever. If you just want to try it out like I did you can order a piece and just call in to cancel your subscription but be warned that the wait time for a customer representative is freaking long as heckkkkk!


  1. Wow! $15 bucks for a ring?! I'm not much of an accessory person either.

    But the ring does look pretty cool! I've seen some of those knuckle rings. Are they uncomfortable? I've always wanted to try, but thought it would be too much of a hassle. Lol!

  2. :O that ring looks super awesome!!!! I love the look of knuckle rings but for some reason I don't like wearing them -_-

  3. Love the ring! I really wanted a similar one at F21 but my fingers are too big :(

  4. that ring looks SO cool though!! and I'm such a sucker for cute packaging rofl :( I'm not sure jewelmint is exactly worth all the hype either... is the quality nice though? :D

  5. Ginaaa: I know, kind of ridiculous, huh?! I "reasoned" this purchase by thinking about how it would cost around the same if I was to go to a store and get it. HAHA! I must be crazy. It's kind of comfortable. I can type on my keyboard with it on but I think a big part of that is because the ring is loose on me.

    Jessica: After buying this one I think knuckle rings look better in pictures than in real life. LOL!

    L: What size ring do you wear? The biggest size for this ring is 8.

    Jane: The quality is okay. I think it's a step higher than F21.