Sunday, December 9, 2012

[Review] Revlon Photo Ready Cream Blush in Pinched

I've seen these Revlon Photo Ready cream blushes at the drug store countless times and finally decided to buy one. Originally I liked the other two colors but I already had similar colors so I opted for Pinched.

Monday, August 27, 2012

[Review] Kleancolor Nail Polish - Part 2

I found these pictures on my computer from when I bought Kleancolor nail polishes. I'm not going to be reviewing anything on this post as my thoughts on these nail polishes are still the same. You can read about it here (part 1). This post is basically the swatches of the remaining Kleancolor nail polishes that I have -- well, minus the ones I wasn't able to find. So there will still be a part 3 with those one of these days.

187 2-2 Tango, 185 Gold Caviar, 186 Go Bunny!, 188 Black Out

192 Born to the Purple, 189 Red-Hot, 190 Green with Envy, 183 Bridal Shower

96 Vegas Night, 36 Sparkle Purple, 92 Holiday Jingle, 196 Top of the World

93 Dolly Girl, 35 Starry Purple, 153 Neon Amethyst, 173 My Rightful Throne

Friday, August 24, 2012

[Review] Sleek MakeUP True Colour Lipstick in Papaya Punch

This review is long overdue but back in January my friend went to London and along with the eyeshadow palette that she picked up for me I also told her to get this lipstick.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

[Review] Etude House Bee Happy! Hand Cream

I'm not exactly sure if Etude House got rid of their previously Missing U hand creams but these Bee Happy! hand creams are the newest addition to that line.

Just like the previous Missing U hand creams these come with a story too. The story on this specific hand cream goes:

Our endangered  animal friends are rapidly becoming extinct from the planet...I really want to see you...I miss you! Hi~ I am Queen Bee. I rule the worker bees, lay eggs and make royal jelly.

It's pretty much like the other Missing U hand cream so be sure to check out that review here. There's only a couple of things that I dislike about it. It doesn't absorb as good and kind of leaves a greasy feeling afterward. 
More importantly the thing I hate the most about it is how thick the cream is. I would have to dig it out with my finger or one of those small cosmetic spoons. 

Nevertheless, I still think it's pretty good and definitely worth checking out. I think the packaging is super cute and who doesn't like cute things?! It's also being endorsed by SHINee so if you're a huge of fan of them maybe consider picking one up? Plus once you're done with the product you can use it for your favorite lotion or whatnot. My previous Missing U containers don't have anything in them right now. They're sitting on top of my makeup drawer just displaying their cuteness. LOL!

By the way, two of these new batch of Missing U hand creams are different in smell from the first batch. The rose and baby powder smell are staples but with these we see an acacia and chestnut blossom fragrance (or so it says). I think all of them smells fine but the baby powder one seems to be a little more overpowering than the last Missing U cream.

Saturday, May 12, 2012


A couple of months back my friend and sister introduced me to this website called Recyclebank. It's basically a website that promotes eco-friendly products, how to be more eco-friendly, etc. While you are learning about all of these eco-friendly things you have the ability to earn points. For example there's always little videos on the side that teaches you about things and then gives you a quiz question at the end. You don't even have to get the question right to get the points! All the really matters is that you're learning.

Recyclebank is working towards a world without waste by rewarding people for taking everyday green actions. It’s free to join and as easy as 1, 2, 3. Earn points for taking everyday green actions, redeem them for great rewards, and learn ways to save money and live greener every day! (from the website)

After you have accumulated a certain numbers of points you can redeem them for prizes. They have stuff like coupons, gift cards, magazine subscriptions, etc. I personally think (and also the main reason for this post) that the magazine subscriptions are the one of the best rewards on Recyclebank. Currently they have one year subscriptions to Cosmopolitan, Seventeen, Harper's Bazaar, Marie Claire, Oprah, Popular Mechanics, etc.

The thing about Recyclebank is that points are easily earned so you wanted a free subscription to any of the magazine mentioned it wouldn't even take you that long! Right now they have their Passport for the Planet where a map of the world shows up. On the maps are these icons that you would click. A pop up window will come up and you read what each country is doing in their efforts to be more environmentally friendly. Once you've read it, you have the opportunity to pledge, take a quiz, etc. to earn your points. You earn 10-15 points for each one that you read. I'm not exactly sure how many icons there are but there must be at least 12+. Along with these Passport for the Planet points and the points you earn from the videos on the side you can easily get at least one or two magazine subscriptions!

I've received Popular Mechanics and Harper's Bazaar in the mail so I know it's not a scam. I've recently redeemed my points for Marie Claire and a couple others that hopefully will come in the mail soon. Although, I'm not sure if they'll send your magazine internationally? I know that with Whole Living it was only within the USA but with the others they give you a code and you redeemed for it through the magazine's website. It's best to ask on their Facebook page or send them an email if you live outside the USA.

Anyway, so.........basically I just wanted to tell you guys that if you want free magazine subscriptions you can easily obtain them just learning how to be more eco-friendly. =)

Monday, April 23, 2012

[Review] Holika Holika Prime Miracle Snail Hand Cream

If you guys remember the G-Market purchase I made a few months ago I bought a bunch of hand creams for my super rough and dry hands.

Holika Holika is a Korean cosmetic brand. The products are equivalent to the drugstore brands here. I think the brand is currently being endorsed by CN Blue and Sistar? Nevertheless, the brand has this whole witchy-Harry Potter kind of theme going on. 

This snail hand cream from Holika Holika is pure love. Forget the Etude House Missing U hand cream, this one is so much better. It absorbs better and it doesn't really have that greasy feeling you get sometimes from hand creams/lotions.

There's supposedly snail secretion in the hand cream which makes it hydrating and protect your skin. I've been told it's good for "skin rejuvenating" I'm not sure if any of that is working for me. I would probably have to use it for a very long time and honestly, it's for my hands so I really don't care for it that much as long as it keeps my hands moisturized.

It comes in a tube which is nice and more hygienic than the Etude House Missing U hand cream. I find the hand cream to have a whipped kind of texture (see photos below). The hand cream has a slight rosy smell to it which isn't so bad.

There's not much to say about this hand cream. It does the job well and I really like it. It comes in a 80ml tube for roughly $10? I can't remember the exact price I paid for it but I know it was around the $6-10 range. Those that are avoiding parabens should avoid this as it contain some.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Caribbean (Grenada) Trip

We're down to the last couple of days in March and I have only posted one entry so far! That's such a big contrast to the posting I did in January and February, huh?

Well, about three weeks ago I visited my friend in the Caribbean or more specifically, Grenada. It was my first international trip so everything was new for me. I was going with one of my best friends and since I had bought my tickets later I had to make a stop in New York before meeting her in Miami for our flight to Grenada. 

My connecting flight was through LaGuardia  and that place was a mess. I had to go through security just for changing concourse. I went from concourse D to concourse C so that meant waiting in line again AND taking out all my electronics, sweater, shoes, etc. It didn't help that the people there were very disorganized too. After I went through security I texted my friend that lives in NY and complained to her about it. LOL! I mean I haven't traveled that much but in the times that I have traveled I've gone so many airports that it took me by surprised when I had to go through security just for changing concourse. 

I also hated the flight to Miami only because I sat by the window and the side of the plane got extremely cold to the point where I think I would have developed frostbite if I leaned my body against it. The only good thing about that experience was the elderly lady sitting next to me. She was a sweetheart and although she needed help with her seat belt and when she spilled her drink....I had fun talking with her. 

Once I got to Miami I didn't even get to relax before I had to board my next flight (no flying on a plane doesn't count as relaxing. Relaxing means being on land!). The customs in Grenada took FOREVER. We landed around 8:30pm but we didn't get through customs to pick our check-in baggage until almost 10pm. 

Most of my time in Grenada was spent on the beach. My friend and I always ended up at the beach no matter where we went. The best thing about the trip was the tour that we took. We went through the rain forest, visited a national lake, a spice plantation as well as through the areas of predominantly farms, and to the waterfall. We also visited a chocolate factory there and for that trip it took us two hours of commuting to and from (kind of crazy, huh?). When we told our tour guide about our trip to the chocolate factory by public transportation he thought we were very adventurous. I'm not sure if it's because he has never met tourists like us before or he was worried for our safety because at one point he told us that there are many gang members and what not. Also, during the tour he mentioned that more than half of their population is in the twenties and thirties and there are many people with grandchildren at the age of 25!

Something I learned from Grenada is to have patience. Being from America everything moves at a fast pace and in Grenada everything is turn down a couple of notches. I mean waiting for a meal took 30 minutes or so and during the chocolate factory trip we waited inside the bus for a good 30 minutes before we left the station. It's like they're telling us to slow down and enjoy life. 

I regret not being able to find any authentic Grenadian food though. Most of the restaurants near were we stayed and around the places we went through were catered to tourists so I didn't really eat anything that I hadn't eaten before. I did have some cocoa tea that I absolutely love to the point where I ended up buying a whole bunch home.

Oh yeah....the most important thing I learned was that being in a developing country for a week you learn to appreciate the little things you have especially the life that you have. Many of the people in Grenada do not have the luxury that we do in America (that convenient lifestyle) so it made me that much more appreciative. 

Below are some pictures from my trip. I didn't really buy anything from Grenada beside souvenirs for my family nor did I do much shopping either. But we did visited a store that sold fakes designer brand handbags for $60 USD --- ridiculously crazy, huh?! Also, big thanks to my friend for some of these pictures because I got lazy halfway through the trip and didn't want to take pictures anymore. 

Cocoa pods
The drying racks for the cocoa beans.
The two lone palm trees that survived Hurricane Ivan.
Rainbow bark tree (it wasn't painted or anything that's how it looks like)
Grand Anse Beach
My replication of the "dune" in the film, The Woman in the Dunes (directed by Teshigahara)
Took this on the flight back to Miami from Grenada

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

[Sponsored Review] Caolion Sensitive No BB Cream It's Real Blemish Balm

Caolion is a Korean brand that's relatively on the high end side compared to Etude House which is more drug store. The first three letter of Caolion stands for "Culture Association Originality" and they pride themselves on their natural ingredients while aiming for the best skin care.

The packaging on this product is really interesting and adorable!

The bottom part is filled with tissue paper. 

Inside the tissue paper are two sponge applicators (shaped like a heart) and the bb cream. The bb cream comes in a squeeze bottle.

Pull the tissue paper out and you'll find instructions on how to use the product and other information about it.

The bottom with the ingredients and the date it was made.

My first impression of this product was literally, "OMG! It stinks!" It has this very strong citrus smell that's been mixed in with herbs. The box says the product is not formulated with any fragrance but it does contain citrus fruit oil so maybe that's where the strong citrus smell is coming from.

Since I wasn't so thrilled about the smell I barely used it the first couple of days. I gave it to my sister to and she kept telling me how much she liked it so I decided to give it another try. In terms of coverage it's sheer to medium coverage with a dewy-to-matte finish. In comparison with the bb creams you see out in the Asian market today it's more of a tinted moisturizer but it's not really a tinted moisturizer in itself too because the formula is thicker and I don't find it as moisturizing.

Speaking of it being thick, I do find it to be much thicker than my other bb creams too (especially my Holika Holika bb creams). It's so thick in texture that that only way to blend the product on your face is by using a sponge. I tried using a brush and my fingers and it just didn't work. You really need a sponge applicator for this product. Nevertheless, once it's been blended it feels really lightweight.

Caolion claims that this products helps with covering troubled skin, blemish, and redness but because the coverage is a little sheer it really didn't do that for me. I can still see some of the redness on my face showing as well as some blemish.

It comes in only one color and it's much lighter than my actual skin tone that when I do have it on I appear whiter in complexion. I mean I guess I do notice that it blends in with my skin tone too but there's still that whitish glow it gives off.

It didn't work for me the way I wanted it to but my sister is completely in love with it so I can't really say that it's a bad product either. I think if you have a fair complexion and is not looking for something that'll give you a full coverage this will probably work for you. Since Caolion is on the higher end this product is pricey retailing at around $40-50 USD (or $48.99 on Wish Trend) for a 30ml bottle.

This product was sent for review purposes from. Wish Trend is a website aim at providing all the latest Korean "trends" to people all over the world. They are based in Korea. 

They recently started this thing called "Wish Box" which is kind of like Birchbox and MyGlam but not really at the same time. For $29.99 (plus $9 shipping), you receive this pouch filled with 3-5 full size beauty product from Etude House, Nature Republic, Skin Food, Missha, Tony Moly, Ciracle, etc. They tell you exactly how many products you'll be receiving and from which brand. The only thing that remains anonymous is the name of the actual product from those brands.

Click here for more details on the Wish Box. 

Disclosure: This product was sent for review purposes but everything is of my complete honest opinion. I am not being compensated for this.