Saturday, January 28, 2012

[Review] Milani Baked Blushes in Corallina & Berry Amore

I've always heard great things about Milani cosmetics but the only thing I've tried were the nail polishes. During Cyber Monday last November they had a 50% off and free shipping promotion so I decided to take advantage of that. My true motive was to get the eyeliner but I thought it would be pretty worthless of the sale if I didn't get more so I picked up Corallina and Berry Amore as well.

I love these blushes. They are really pigmented so the color payoff is great. I find that a little goes a long way. They stay on for a very long time. I can go the whole day without ever reapplying. I like that they're finely milled so they're easily blendable too. They give a nice warm finish but I dislike the shimmer sometimes -- Corallina has more shimmer than Berry Amore. It's not overpowering like NARS Orgasm but it can be a little too much at times.

Overall, they're great blushes and inexpensive too. At retail they cost $8 each but I know that CVS is always having BOGO 50% off so you can get them for less.

Berry Amore
L to R: Berry Amore, Corallina

Friday, January 20, 2012

[Review] Etude House Nail Polish Kits

I'm not exactly sure how long Etude House has been doing nail polish kits like this but I bought my first one from their Aloha line. They retail roughly between 5,000-6,000 won which is about $5-6 USD. If you were to buy it off eBay they can cost as much as $10 or more.

I personally adore these nail polishes. I love how in each kit they have steps for you to achieve a gradient design. Underneath each polish they list which polish comes first, second, and third. I have six nail polish kit and all of them except for one are the three step to create gradient effect on your nails. The one that's not part of this comes with two cream colors and a glitter polish that you can put on top on either one. 

I'm kind of lazy when it comes to applying nail polish. I usually never use a base or top coat. I find it to be so time consuming and honestly I hate waiting around for my nail polish to dry. I also like to pick the nail polish off my nails especially when I'm in class or just bored. What I like about these nail polishes is that I don't have to use a base or top coat and it'll stay on for a long time without chipping. Also, it stays on so well that I can't even pick them off my nails! I think I wore the Aloha gradient for almost all of December until I decided to remove it with nail polish remover. I will say that the newer kits do not last as long as my Aloha kit. 

If I was to estimate how long they last without chipping I would say at least a week but I've had them not chip for more than two weeks (I know, I might be the only person that wears the same manicure for more than a week -__-;;) Beauty products are always subjective (they work differently for different people) but for me these nail polishes are one of my favorites. They're also very inexpensive if you can get them close to the retail price but even if you were to buy them off eBay for $10 it'll work out to be $3-4 a bottle which is still pretty cheap (and practical).

Aloha Cocktail Syrup Nail Kit - Sunshine Bronze

Nymph Aura Glam Nails

Party Queen Graduation Nails - Party Silver 

Party Queen Graduation Nails - Party Gold

Party Queen Graduation Nails - Party Pink

Wannabe Perfumed Syrup Nails


Saturday, January 14, 2012

[Review] Luview Crystal Cover BB Cream & Crystal Mineral Compact

Luview which stands for Luminous View is pronounced "Love You (better known as 'luv u')". It is a fairly new Korean cosmetic brand and when I say 'fairly new' I mean the company was established in 2010 so they have only two years under their belt compared to other brands like Etude House, Skin Food, etc. Luview pride themselves on their "oriental secret" or the idea that beauty can be achieved naturally -- meaning products made with the highest dermal technology from natural ingredients.

Luview held a promotion during the second half of December. All of their items were 50% off so I thought I would take this time to try it out since all the reviews I've read had been good.

Before I start I want to apologize for the different light settings on the pictures. It was cloudy the day I took these pictures so it kept shifting from being very cloudy to very sunny. =(

Crystal Cover BB Cream #2N
SPF 30

Crystal Mineral Pact #2N
SPF 25 PA++

The bb cream and pressed powder comes nicely packaged in these metallic cardboard boxes. What I like about the box is that the cardboard is thick and sturdy.

The inside of the box is red and as you can see the name of the product is pretty much written everywhere on the box.

The bb cream is housed in this cylinder pump It reminds me of the Skin79 Pink Label BB Cream but taller and slimmer. The quality of the bottle is also a lot better than the Skin79 one. It's thicker and doesn't seem like it was cheaply made.

Something I like is that it comes with this white thing that covers the opening. I know the product probably won't dry out because of this small opening but I still like knowing that having it prevents any sort of drying.

The pressed powder is enclosed in this metallic gold and red compact.
The color is more like the picture before this one but a little deeper in color.

The bb cream is creamy in texture as well as a lot thicker than the Missha and Etude House bb cream that I reviewed before.

This is the first time I've found a bb cream that match my skin color so well. Usually all the darker shades bb creams that I've tried are a little lighter so I would have to mix it in with a little of my mineral foundation to match my skin color.

In terms of coverage it has a medium to full coverage but like most bb creams it's definitely buildable. It also have a matte finish. Out of the all the bb creams that I have this one have a more "natural" finish. The oil control is actually very good. I was impressed that I was able to go 5-6 hours without blotting my face!

I don't know if it's just me but whenever I have bb cream on I always feel this stickiness on my face. With this bb cream I hardly feel that. There's been a couple of times I've gotten into bed just to get out of it a few seconds later because I realize I forgot to take off my makeup.

This bb cream is now my favorite bb cream out of the ones that I've tried. One thing I don't like is the price of it. It's a little more expensive than most bb creams coming in at $25.20 for a 40ml bottle. However since it's worked great for me I would probably repurchase it. I was kind of sad I wasn't able to get a backup bottle before the promotion ended though. =(

There's really not much for me to say about the pressed powder. I think it works well setting the bb cream but if you already have a setting powder than you can probably do without this because there's really nothing special about it. I also used it without the bb cream and it was just mediocre for me. It's expensive as well at $20.40 for 13g.

Overall, yes for the bb cream and no for the pressed powder. I think if Luview keeps producing products at the level of their Crystal Cover BB Cream then soon everyone is going to know about them. If anyone is interested in trying out either one, Luview is currently offering free shipping. Even without the free shipping it is typically $3 for parcel mail, $6 for registered airmail, and $15 for express mail regardless of how much you order. I chose the $6 shipping and received my package within a week and a half.

Let me know what your favorite bb cream is! I'm always looking to try new things.