Sunday, December 9, 2012

[Review] Revlon Photo Ready Cream Blush in Pinched

I've seen these Revlon Photo Ready cream blushes at the drug store countless times and finally decided to buy one. Originally I liked the other two colors but I already had similar colors so I opted for Pinched.

Pinched is a nice subtle peachy color and definitely something to consider wearing if you're going for a nice natural look. Unfortunately, the color was by far the only thing I liked about it. Compared to my other cream blushes that I have this one is very light weight and also very blendable. At the same time it also felt very oily so it made me feel like I was rubbing oil on my cheeks. Pigmentation-wise it looks very nice in the pot but it's so sheer that you would have to layer it multiple times to even see the color. The staying power on this is pretty crappy as well. It lasted roughly around 2-3 hours for me. 

Overall, I really like the color but it's not something I'll repurchase.


  1. Such a lovely shade!
    I like you blog layout :D

  2. I wanted this cream blush when it first released but could only get my hands on Coral Reef. Not a fan of the formula either. It's hard and dry for a "cream blush". Very disappointing :(