Saturday, March 16, 2013

Soompi Shop Haul

Etude House released their Sweet Recipe collection in February 2013 (endorsed by SHINee, Sulli, and Krystal). I've been wanting to get their Dear My Jelly Lips-talk lipsticks ever since I saw the videos posted up on YouTube by Etude House.

Soompi Shop is probably mainly known for selling K-POP CDs but they do sell some beauty products too. I know I could have just easily purchased them off eBay but I wanted to try out Soompi Shop.

I ordered on March 4th and it was shipped out on March 7th. I received the items on March 16th. From the day I ordered to the day I received it it took a total of twelve days. This isn't that bad considering that shipping was free (I did pay $2.50 for them to add a tracking number though).

The items came in a bright orange bubble bag.

They were nicely packed with lots of bubble wrap. I'm not exactly sure but considering how much bubble wraps were used I wonder if Soompi is the 'middle man' between Etude House and me. As in after I ordered from them they went and ordered from Etude House so it wasn't like they had the items in stock or something. I mean if you guys remember my first Etude House haul from the company (made through G-Market) they wrapped all the items in an overwhelming amount of bubble wraps too. I guess I just wouldn't be surprised if it was like that.

Overall my transaction with Soompi Shop was good. I got all the items I wanted in a timely manner. They were all packaged nicely and I received a free face mask too! If Soompi Shop plans to expand the beauty products that they carry I don't mind purchasing from them again.

Review for the lipsticks will be posted after I receive the remaining three lipsticks from the collection. I couldn't order them from Soompi Shop because at the time they only had five available.


  1. The lipsticks look so cute :) Looking forward to your review!

  2. Ooh nice! Can't wait to see the review on these :D